Abu Dhabi Grammar School

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Fee Structure

The academic year runs from September to June of each calendar year.

School Timings

KGII – Grade 2 :7:45 am -2:00 pm
Grade 3 - Grade 12 : 7:45 am -3:00 pm

Click here for ADEK Approved Fee Schedule for Academic Year 2022-2023


For grades 7-12, students will be required to purchase a Chromebook directly from AGS - this will be a onetime cost of 1995 AED. Students will own the device and may keep the chromebook when leaving the school.

Payment Schedule

Deposit (August) - 5% as downpayment of the tuition fees is paid in cash (only),which is deducted from the total fees.

August - 33% of tuition fees + transportation + textbooks + tech fees is to be paid.

December - 33% of tuition fees is to be paid.

March - 29% of tuition fees is to be paid.